Inter Care

Established in 1974, Inter Care sends recycled surplus quality medicines which would otherwise be incinerated, along with healthcare goods and medical supplies such as dressings, instruments and devices to rural health units in some of the poorest parts of Africa. 


“Merstham Aid Project has been a supporter of Inter Care’s work for many years, for which we are extremely grateful. Our vital work is only made possible thanks to the generosity of donors such as MAP.” 

Pump Aid

Pump Aid is an international NGO working to solve water poverty. Since our beginning in 1998 we have worked with 9,500 communities and provided over 1.35 million people in sub-Saharan Africa with access to clean water through simple yet life-saving technology. We work with some of the poorest and hardest to reach communities in the world and provide two of life’s basic needs; safe water and a decent toilet. Our mission is not just to give communities access to water but is to achieve lasting change by improving their hygiene and sanitation practices, training them in water pump operation and encouraging them to exploit their economic opportunities, so that they reach a point of self-reliance and no longer need the support of us or anyone else.

Tools for Self Reliance


Tools for Self Reliance is a UK based charity with a mission to “reduce poverty in Africa by helping people to build sustainable livelihoods, through the provision of vocational training, tools and support.”  We work in Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Zambia.  Our projects move people out of unemployment and underemployment, into meaningful, sustainable work where they can flourish and improve their own and their family’s well being. All of the tools we send are donated to us used, and then carefully refurbished by our dedicated team of skilled volunteers.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital


St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group (SJEHG) was established for charitable works in Jerusalem in 1882. SJEHG are the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), subsidising treatment for all and completely waiving fees for those who cannot afford to pay.



ZANE: Zimbabwe A National Emergency is a UK registered charity working to help the most destitute, vulnerable and impoverished people in Zimbabwe.  ZANE is the largest supplier of financial aid to elderly people in Zimbabwe. It provides aid to around 2,600 destitute elderly people including over 600 ex-services personnel and their widows. These are people who worked hard all their lives, only to have their savings and pensions wiped out when the economy collapsed. They are now entirely dependent on ZANE to survive.


In addition, ZANE funds a clubfoot correction programme; successfully treating 2,110 children to date.  ZANE also funds a number of education projects in the high density areas, providing pop-up classrooms and teaching mentors for children living in abject poverty. It also funds a number of projects encouraging self-sufficiency including teaching women and children to farm, creative therapy programmes teaching craft skills such as sewing, embroidery and beading.


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