So what is MAP?


MAP stands for Merstham Aid Project and is a registered charity (285825) that operates in the village of Merstham in Surrey, UK.

MAP was formed in 1981 by a local couple, Jack and Mary Hughes. It involves members of the local community who seek to provide practical help to less fortunate communities in other parts of the world.

MAP helps to fund water wells, schools, clinics, medical supplies and overseas volunteers.


MAP is non-sectarian and non-political.

Money is raised through various community functions throughout the year, which include Jumble Sales, Quiz Evenings, Coffee Mornings and other gourmet functions to name but a few.


Recent money raised has been donated to Target TB in India, Pump Aid in Africa, helping disabled communities in Rodrigues Islands near Mauritius, Azafady project in Madagascar, Intercare medicines for poorer communities, helping the flood victims in Pakistan and ZANE in Zimbabwe. 

If you would like to help or participate in any way, please look out for our event publicity, visit our Facebook page or contact our chairperson at info@mapweb.org.uk 

To visit our old site, please visit www.mapweb.org.uk 


Merstham Aid Project (Registered Charity No 285825)

Contact us at info@mapweb.org.uk